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Sponsor a Child – Change a Life

My wife and I have been sponsoring a girl with Operation Uganda since 2005, its been amazing being part of transforming her life, we have loved receiving letters and pictures over the years and in 2012 our family went to Uganda to visit her and the work of Operation Uganda.

Mike, Child sponsor since 2005

I have been sponsoring a child with Operation Uganda since 2015, and it has been such a joy to see how my sponsor child has grown and developed over the years, I have no hesitation at all in recommending people to sponsor children through Operation Uganda they are doing a fantastic job. ūüôā

Jes, Child Sponsor since 2015

Our family has been sponsoring a young man and it has been such an honour to have seen him grow and develop over the years, I would certainly encourage anyone thinking of sponsoring a child to do it through Operation Uganda.

Karen, Child Sponsor since 2007

Through child sponsorship you will change a child’s life by providing:

  • Education¬†from pre-school to senior school graduation, which will open up so many future opportunities
  • Nutrition¬† providing school lunches to protect against malnutrition
  • One-on-one support from our caring team who believe in them
  • Healthcare to treat and prevent sickness and disease
  • The opportunity to hear about God‚Äôs life-changing love for them
  • Life skills¬†through various leadership and mentor based workshops to equip them for a bright future
  • Safe places to play, develop and grow that will help protect them against danger and violence

By sponsoring a child, you will open up so many doors of opportunity and give them a hope and future.

Operation Uganda is unique in its child sponsorship program as we focus primarily on orphaned and vulnerable children, your monthly contribution of $45 AUD not only provides a full scholarship for your sponsored child from pre-school all the way through to the completion of secondary school including, uniforms, school fees, meals, stationary packs, & examination fees. But we are also committed with working with your sponsored child’s household to ensure the family unit is strengthened through skills based training, and supported through our various programs.

Our child sponsorship program has given hundreds of children not only a hope and future and also has helped to reduce the vicious cycle of poverty, as the majority of children that graduate from our sponsorship program gain employment and begin to support their household.

Operation Uganda’s aim is to break the cycle of poverty by providing support to children on four levels: Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical and Emotional;

  • Spiritual: We are Christ-centred. Every sponsored child hears the gospel and is encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God. By being church based, all children sponsored are encouraged to attend a local church. ¬†Our hope is that all children know God and follow Him.
  • Intellectual: All sponsored children are givein a full primary and secondary scholorship which includes full school fees, school uniforms, text books, lunch allowance, and examination fees.
  • Physical: We ensure that through sponsorship, children are healthy and have access to medical care when needed and have regular health checkups by professional medical staff.
  • Emotional: Through sponsorship, children have security, hope and purpose. They develop good character, integrity and healthy relationships.
Click this link to write a letter to your sponsor child online

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is sponsorship & how are payments made?2017-10-15T14:46:50+10:00

Child sponsorship through Operation Uganda is $45 AUD per month once you have selected the child above to sponsor you will be taken through to an online form for direct debit from your nominated account: Cheque, Savings, or credit card.

You can choose to pay an annual amount of $540 p/a if so we can arrange that for your through our Australian base contact us on admin@operationuganda.org

If, for any reason, you wish to withdraw from your sponsorship, you are free to do so at any time.  If for some reason there is  non-payment we will contact you and offer you the option of making up the payment(s).

Can I send a letter or gift to my sponsor child?2017-10-15T14:21:54+10:00

Your sponsor child would love to receive a letter or gift from you, when sending a letter your sponsor child you might want to include a picture of you and your family which your sponsor child will cherish. If you would like to send a birthday or Christmas gift we recommend that you send a book or a bible, appropriate clothing, or colouring book & pencils,  we request that you limit the value of your gift to $30 AUD Please package the parcel in a plain post pack and post it to:
Operation Uganda
Att: Your sponsor child’s code & name  (which can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the sponsor card eg. Susan JHKC107)
P.O. Box 11014
Kampala, Uganda.

Please do not post gifts to our Australian office.

How much of my sponsorship funds go to my sponsor child?2017-10-15T13:52:11+10:00

80% of your sponsorship money goes directly to supporting your sponsor child / 10% goes to in country operational support services which include monitoring your sponsor child in school and also supporting home and family unit, and 10% goes towards our Australian operations and support services. Operation Uganda is committed to keeping our administration cost minimal.

Operation Uganda is committed to integrity and financial accountability, we have the charity tick of approval by the Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission,  we are governed by a board of directors, submit annual financial reports to the Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission (ACNC), and submit of six monthly reports to Australain Christian Churches Internatioal Releif (ACCIR) who are a member of ACFID the Australian Council for International Development. Operation Uganda is also an accredited Non-Government Organisation in Uganda and submits annual financial and operational reports to the Ugandan Government.

How are children chosen for sponsorship?2017-10-15T13:50:16+10:00

Operation Uganda focuses on providing sponsorship to the most vulnerable our criteria for children entering our child sponsorship program is orphaned and vulnerable children, we have been working in Uganda since 2005 and have a great national team of trained social workers and community liaison workers who access households and are continually monitoring households. Our social work team do a needs assessment on each child and when children meet our criteria we enter them onto our child sponsorship waiting list. Your decision to sponsor a child through Operation Uganda will transform a life an give hope to a hopeless situation.

Can I choose the gender and age of the child I sponsor?2017-10-15T15:36:08+10:00

Yes you can choose above from a range of ages and genders of children on our waiting list. Many people ask to sponsor a boy or girl of the same age and gender as their own children or grandchildren.

Is my sponsorship tax deductible?2017-10-15T14:33:14+10:00

Yes, we do offer the option for tax deductibility and we will send out tax receipts at the end of each financial year if you request for tax deductibility.

What does Child Sponsorship do for the child?2017-10-15T13:49:14+10:00

Your monthly sponsorship transforms a child’s life, the majority of children in our child sponsorship program would never have had the opportunity to attend school and your monthly sponsorship enables your sponsor child to have a full scholarship from pre-school all the way through to graduating secondary school, paying all school fees, providing text books & educational materials, uniforms, school lunches, examination and auxillary fees. Our team also provide regular monitoring and support in school and in the home environment. Our pastoral team also provide support through school chaplaincy and church based programs.

What do I get when I sponsor a child2017-10-15T13:47:50+10:00

As a child sponsor, you’ll get:

  • A welcome pack containing a laminated A5 Sponsor Card of your sponsor child to place on your fridge, office, or around the home.
  • You’ll receive a minimum of two personal letters from your sponsor child per year including an annual photograph.
  • You will have the opportunity to connect with your sponsor child through letters, e-letters, cards and photos.
  • You will receive regular email updates of what we are doing in your sponsor child’s village or area.